6 major reasons children are losing their teeth too early

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Why do children have baby teeth?

Primarily to hold space for the permanent teeth to come in properly. They provide for a start for good nutrition. Most importantly, they are imperitive for speech development and self esteem. When one is lost prematurely, the next one may not be ready to take its place. Most importantly, the permanent teeth are generally larger and require much more space than the baby teeth.
Here is a list of things that you may consider when seeking dental care for your children and why they may be losing their teeth too soon.
1. Dental decay
Teeth lost too early due to dental decay can cause major disruptions to the permanent teeth. They can actually spread decay causing bacteria to other teeth. Continual sipping on beverages and snacking on refined carbohydrates create food for the bacteria.
2. Trauma
It is heartbreaking when a child falls and prematurely loses a tooth due to an accident. Whether the tooth completely comes out early or has nerve damage due to a blow to the tooth, trauma to teeth can be a devastating part of childhood.
3. Premature extraction
Whether the child, a parent or dental professional removes the tooth, it may be too soon.When teeth are taken out before the permanent one is ready to take its place, a space maintainer may be the best way to hold its space until it is ready.
4. Tooth grinding
All children grind their teeth, the damage created by some children is greater than others and can cause premature loss.
5. Acid damage An unknowing parent may give a child lemons, limes or oranges to keep in their mouth over prolonged periods of time. This will literally melt the enamel off of their teeth and can cause damage, pain and premature loss.

6. Not enough room for the permanent tooth

Sometimes an erupting tooth will prematurely dissolve several baby teeth if it is not properly aligned or too large to replace only one.

It is very important to see a dental professional and to have a panoramic x-ray taken on your child in order to plan your child’s dental future.

So, if you want your child to have a beautiful, healthy smile, make sure the baby teeth are as healthy as they can be and stay in the proper amount of time. Ask your dentist for specifics on your child.