Botox delivered by a Dentist?

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What is Botox and what does it do? Botox is a purified protein which relaxes muscle contractions in the area which it is placed. Botox has been used in the past for spasms around the eyes. The side effect of reducing wrinkles has released its benefits to the anti-aging population.

Dentists are very skilled at giving injections, slowly and with little discomfort. A Dentist has knowledge of the muscles of the facial structures, such as arteries and veins which makes them very careful.

Botox is mostly known to be used in between the eye area to reduce the muscle contractions that can cause a line, crease or wrinkle. These are mostly common called 11’s, 111’s and crows feet.

Other areas of use for Botox are in the areas of TMJ pain and headaches. Some people suffer from heavy clenching and grinding their teeth. They can also have the headaches, broken, loose and worn teeth as well as pain in their jaw muscles and the joint.

A diagnosis of hyperactivity of these muscles generally comes from a dentist. Many dentists spend extensive hours of continuing education hours in learning proper diagnosis. Some patients also suffer from pain around the ear which can be misdiagnosed as an ear infection. Placing Botox in the power closing muscles does not interfere with chewing, speaking or speaking. It reduces the muscle activity that can break teeth and cause tension headaches.

So, whether it is to help prevent fine lines, creases and wrinkles or it is to reduce muscle activity causing headaches, Botox therapy may be for you.

Goals in picking an appropriate provider are:

1. The length or time the provider has been performing the therapy.

2. Making sure it is actual Botox from Allergan and diluted properly, ethically and fresh (it loses its potency after being reconstituted).

3.Picking a licensed provider (some people may not be certified to place it).

Botox is seen as a commodity but buyer beware that all Botox deals may not be alike. Botox is sent to a provider in a powdered form and when it is reconstituted with saline, its concentrations can be different for different providers. It does lose its efficacy 72 hours after the saline is added. You want to make sure that when they tell you they are giving you 30 units, it will be 30 units. You also want to ask when it was reconstituted.

Now is a great time to begin with Botox therapy due to squinting in the sunlight. Everyone wants to look and feel better, Why not you right now?