Cavities Between the Teeth – when to restore?

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With digital radiography, it is wonderful to expand the view of the x-rays, lighten and darken then and make them larger. It is tremendous to show my clients how things are progressing.

I have had many clients have decay starting in between their teeth and watching it get large enough for us to actually do something about. We recommend flossing, fluoride and very frequent films in order to monitor the progress.

Now, we have discovered something we can do proactively in order to prevent the spread. We can etch and seal the teeth in between with a new dispenser. It is a new product from DMG that separates the teeth and etches them for several minutes. It is dried and sealed with a methacrylate resin. No drilling, no pain. There are 18 month clinical trials with this where the cavities have not gotten larger.

It is definitely minimally restorative dentistry that which everyone can be happy.

We can also take care of the spots on the front teeth as shown in the picture above.