College —- and teeth

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College is the greatest time of independence for a lot of young adults. Getting out on your own, learning to manage your time and money sets the stage for a lot for a lifetime.

I love visiting with my college kids when they are back on school breaks, then I see how their independence has effected their teeth and we have to do “the talk”.

I am setting the stage for what I would like my students to know Be FORE they go to eliminate the talk.

Number one – you will be able to eat and drink anything you want without someone telling you it is bad for you. You will have late night study sessions requiring caffeine and sugar to keep you awake. Please be aware these have a lot of acids and sugar. Watch your frequency. Don’t sip – chug and chew sugarless gum just for a few minutes afterwards. This will limit the time the acids are on your teeth. Coffee – even black is pretty acidic and will cause cavities. Diet drinks – without sugar has a lot of acid and will create cavities.

Number two – wisdom teeth. I will always let you keep what you can keep clean. There is very little space in the back of your mouth for these party crashing teeth to have a home. They will not erupt fully to keep clean. They also seem to not be as strong. When I have to fill wisdom teeth – it is not a fun experience for either of us. The cavities are deeper and very hard for me to reach. The other thing is that Spring breaks are notorious for having a lot of wisdom teeth infections.

So, when we talk wisdom teeth, let’s come up with a plan “when” to get them out.

Number three – floss, please. Gum disease can be rampant on my students. Do it while you are studying or texting. And please don’t forget to brush at the gumline.

All of these things being said, Good luck on your journey and we will always be there when you come home.