Do You Brush Like an Egyptian?

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When you think of ancient Egypt, you probably think of mummies, pyramids and hieroglyphics. But do you think of dentistry? It stands to reason that people who were smart enough to build a civilization that long ago also did something in terms of taking care of their teeth.

The ancient Egyptians had a number of ways to take care of their teeth. They had mixtures for different oral problems, and even created a type of filling or dental bond. There were even dentists who filled and pulled teeth and made bridges for the pharaohs. They made mouthwashes from bran and celery. But oral hygiene was not the best, and that combined with poor diets made tooth loss fairly common.

You can give the ancient Egyptians credit for trying. After all, doing something is better than doing nothing at all. But you have more options when it comes to dental care, and you don’t have to be a pharaoh to get an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Linda King.

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