Do your front teeth matter?

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Everyone likes to smile, speak and eat. A smile is what connects one person to another. It shows confidence.

What brings most people to the dentist is either pain or something they can see that bothers them.

Most of the population are concerned with their front teeth. They worry about how they will appear to others.

When people want their front teeth fixed without a concern for what has happened with their back teeth, it will be a short time before the failure of treatment.

Fixing front teeth without concerning the back ones is like doing your eye makeup impeccably but you haven’t taken a shower yet. You will be very concerned with trying to protect the masterpiece of the carefully created cosmetics. In that environment – nothing will be safe.

Front teeth help us speak, smile and express ourselves with laughter. Teeth are meant to have partners. Upper and lower teeth work together in order to keep each other in their place. Missing a tooth or multiple teeth may not have an immediate affect on the other ones. Eventually the other teeth will shift in order to take their place. This will cause you to move your jaw in a different way and cause the front teeth to contact differently. We call this distortion.

Without the back teeth, front teeth will start to move, wear and eventually may break due to how they touch. People may notice chipping, cracking, spaces and sensitivity to cold

Think about eye make up- Eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, false eyelashes to mention a few. If you place these items on with messy hair and no foundation, it is an unfinished product. No one will really notice the beauty of your impeccable eye make up if they are distracted by what is going on around them.

Having a plan of how and when to complete the look should begun at the start of treatment. You need to begin with the end in mind. An example of this, a shower may need to be done first before starting the cosmetic portion of your routine – otherwise you may have to come back to do it again and it will be harder the second time.

Amazing, lasting smiles are what we aim to achieve. We want you to chew on all of your teeth and be able to confidently smile from ear to ear.