Find the Right Flossing Method for Your Smile

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Cleaning between your teeth requires the right kind of tool, and while your toothbrush is ideal for cleaning tooth surfaces, it can’t effectively reach between teeth and gumline. Flossing tools allow you to remove harmful plaque between the teeth which would otherwise cause erosion of tooth enamel. As the enamel weakens, tiny holes develop and cavities can arise.

If plaque isn’t cleared away regularly, it eventually hardens into tartar. As tartar builds up along the gum line it can cause gum disease. Tartar requires removal by your dentist using tools for the job.

When we say flossing tools, we mean products carrying the ADA seal of acceptance because they have been rigorously tested and proven both safe and effective. Don’t be tempted to improvise by using your fingernails, paper, or cutlery (don’t laugh, these have been tried)! Using anything but flossing methods designed for the job can cause harm to your gums.

Fortunately, there are a variety of flossing tools available on the market to choose from. There are string floss, dental picks, interdental brushes, and water flossers. Our dentist is happy to help you find the right option for your smile. The main thing is to find a method that you like, can easily do, and therefore, will do!

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