Help – I heard being pregnant makes you lose teeth

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Why do pregnant women get decay? Several women have come into my office stating the baby eats the calcium out of your teeth. They state they had perfect teeth until they got pregnant and then they lost one tooth per pregnancy.

Is this true? Do people believe this? How can a baby take the calcium out of your teeth? How do they dissolve the enamel from your teeth and make them soft?

Three things cause decay. Bacteria which metabolizes acid, diet and the strength of the tooth.

Generally women when they find out they are pregnant love the idea of having a baby. They sometimes develop morning sickness resulting in vomiting or nausea. When this happens, the acids from your stomach come into your mouth causing the balance of the saliva to be more acidic. Acid melts teeth.

Let’s be honest, when we throw up, we want to brush our teeth immediately. We don’t like that icky feeling or taste. This is crazy but brushing right afterwards causes the acid to be spread around more.

The fact of the matter is, the acid eats your teeth making them decay, not your baby.