Help! My crown came off my tooth! What do I do?

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Number one, stay calm. Number two – call a dentist and see how early you can get an appointment.

It is very important this crown go back as soon as possible. Depending upon the age of the crown and why it came off are two very important things a dentist will check.

If the same dentist placed the crown within a year, no need will be for an x-ray. If another dentist placed it or if it has been quite some time since the last time an x-ray was taken of it, it would be a wise idea to take one with and without the crown in place.

1.To check to see if the tooth is abscessed
2.To check to see if the tooth has recurrent decay on it
3.To ensure a correct fit of the crown after it has been replaced

The dentist must try on the crown…