In and out of the lives of patients

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Eight years ago, I treated a lovely young lady who had large spaces between her teeth. She had been self conscious for years and she came to me with the hopes of Invisalign doing the trick. Sometimes people are just born with teeth that are too small for the arch. Invisalign was not going to lead to her expectations of having a beautiful smile when she was completed. This would lead to sad, unfulfilled expectations on both sides.

Treatment planning for spaces requires looking at the whole face, size teeth and where they sit in the face. She needed some gum surgery to lengthen her teeth, traditional braces because the spaces were so large and some veneers to close in the spaces while keeping the smile where she needed to be.

This was a long journey for a young lady. She was so inspired because of all her treatment that she went to dental assisting school. She performed an internship in my office, learning and helping others. She was recruited by a new start-up office after completing her training and eventually became the office manager of this large office. I am very, very proud of being in her life. Giving her a new smile gained her the self confidence and a new career creating that in others.

She is now on a hard journey because she has been diagnosed with cancer, again. She beat it the first time but now she has a harder journey in front of her. She is graced with lovely friends and family and faith. I wish her the best of love and peace. She has given life and light to many who have passed through her life. She has been loving, generous and giving.

You never know what will happen when you increase someone’s self esteem, giving them a great smile. If you don’t have a great smile already, think about where it will take you to when you do attain it. If you do, are you using it to all its affects?