Is your life better without eyeglasses or dentures?

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Recently, I had an eye exam. Over 40 means your prescription changes from just distance to distance and up close. Squinting and straining, asking people how much water do I need to add to the cous cous box is something that had been more difficult.
Of course, wearing my glasses is uncomfortable. I have worn magnification loops for 20 years to see better when I am treating patients. Now I need to have the light and magnification even when delivering anesthesia. I understand this.
My new transition lenses were really difficult to wear all the time now. They are heavy on my face and my vision is blurry around the edges. I question wearing them. I am told it is better for my eyes so they will not strain them.

A patient came in with her husband. He was not wearing his teeth. He wasn’t a patient of mine, he was just along to evaluate the esthetics of her new dentures. She had said he makes fun of her when she wasn’t wearing them.

He stated he could eat better without his teeth than he did with his teeth. He said he could eat steak and everything better without them. OK – you may be able to taste your food, and your gums may have a lot more room but you need something to break up the large pieces of food or else the rest of your digestive system will have to.

He said he learned to cut his food into smaller bites and that is how he gets over the indigestion and heartburn.

I think myself and this incompliant denture wearer are in the same boat. It is more comfortable to be without shoes, dentures, and glasses and perhaps hearing aids. Being without these things may inconvenience the people around you. Some people never get used to having to wear something that will provide them some aid. This is why 50% of denture wearers have issues with having something removable which will improve their quality of life – not to mention those around them. No one wants to see someone remove their teeth to eat. People are uncomfortable in this country speaking to people without their teeth. They generally are a little more difficult to understand.

Keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime is the best thing for your overall health. This insures that you will be able to speak, smile and chew your food properly in order to provide your body with good nutrition and healthy choices.

Eating with dentures can be a balancing act. Depending upon how your gums and bone shrink, they may not stay in without a fair bit of adhesive. They are never a replacement for your natural teeth, they are a replacement for no teeth. It takes practice and a fair bit of attitude to be able to use them. People who have lost limbs often have a fair bit of difficulty getting used to a prosthesis. It is uncomfortable, doesn’t feel natural and awkward.
With implant dentistry, dentures may be able to feel secure. Snap in teeth may be the solution for some. Over time, the gums remodel and the fit of denture is like an old slipper. They are comfortable but don’t completely fit like they used to. Having implants may give the security that you once felt.