Radiation free way to check for cavities!

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Recently, I have incorporated the Carivu dental imaging transilluminaton into my practice.

The first time I realized that dental x-rays were not quite diagnostic enough was my first month in practice twenty years ago. A lady had come to me with a compact mirror and told me she had a cavity in one of her front teeth. After examining the x-ray, I could not see decay on the radiograph. This was before digital radiography so I couldn’t darken the image or enlarge it. I saw of what she was speaking and she did not take no for an answer. I anesthetized her and opened the dark area and discovered she was right.

Trans illumination teeth is a wonderful way to discover cracks and to check to see if decay is removed after complete excavation. If patients could see what we could with our magnification, it would be a whole new world. Now, with Dexis product, Carivu, you can capture an image so the patient may see it.

I have found this to be a great way of seeing shadows underneath of an existing composite, decay in cracked teeth as well as other previous restorations such as veneers and alloys. Earlier diagnosis of cracks with decay is in our patient’s best interest. It is also perfect to send to insurance companies to prove the decay and extent of the cracks which may not show up on an x-ray.

The following link contains a 20 second video that you may see a live patient demonstration seeing decay as well as cracks. The shadows in between the teeth represent decay. This is also a great idea for patients who refuse xrays on a regular basis since it does not emit radiation.