If your teeth are chipped, stained or misaligned, Sweet Spot Smiles is pleased to offer Lumineers® to help give you the beautiful, natural-looking smile of your dreams. Lumineers are an excellent alternative to traditional veneers. They are as thin as a contact lens and typically do not require your teeth to be shaved or ground beforehand, nor do they require shots or unsightly acrylic temporaries. In fact, Dr. Linda King can transform your smile with Lumineers in just two easy visits!

During your first visit, which takes place after your initial consultation, our dentist will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth, which will be sent to a certified Lumineers laboratory. On your second visit, usually a couple weeks later, we will place your custom-made Lumineers on the front of your teeth. Before they are bonded in place, it is important to try them on to ensure a good fit. If everything is to your liking, your Lumineers are bonded one by one and set in place with a curing light. Your bite will then be examined to make sure your teeth are balanced and fit in your bite; this will help avoid chipping to your Lumineers as you go through your daily routine. Since this process is less invasive than with traditional veneers, patients who receive Lumineers find that they can readily enjoy their new smiles without any post-procedure discomfort or sensitivity.

Bring out your dazzling smile with Lumineers in Locust Grove, Georgia! To learn more about Lumineers, we invite you to call our office at 770-285-2864. We look forward to hearing from you!