When can you do Lumineers? Are you a candidate?

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I love Groupon. I subscribe to see what kind of deals I can get every day at a discount. Today I saw a Lumineer special for 4. Seriously?

OK – here is the deal on them. I have performed one case in my 20 years of dentistry and to sum it up – I keep the after photo as an example of “not quite so pretty and dentistry I am proud of”. Everyone wants a healthy smile but not everyone is a candidate for these

Why? It is an additive process. They are very thin – almost the thickness of a contact lens. They have a tendency to look fake, monochromatic (one color) and bulky.

Being that it is an additive process – they can look better if your teeth have an inward tilt and to close in some spaces. From a distance to an untrained eye – they may not look quite so bad. They do have a tendency to stain around them where they are glued to the tooth- usually in a conspicuous spot.

The good thing about them is the require minimal prep (tooth structure removal) so if you do not like them – they can be meticulously removed.

My advice is number one – if you are considering this procedure – make sure you do a wax up and try it on for size to make sure you can deal with the excess bulk, number two – make sure you are ok with the doctor performing them. Ask for their “after” photos – not stock photography but their actual cases – before, during and after to be sure that they can deliver the goods. Number three they may interfere with your chewing or speech – make sure you can adapt to the new patter. Number four as always – don’t forget to floss.

Next blog will cover the Snap-On-Smile