Why you should avoid cheap dental work

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The old adage is you get what you pay for and with the economy the way it is, people seem to be trying to get more for less. Commodities such as milk and gas are always going to go for the least amount. Some people shop for shoes this way, too. You can get away with it for a little while.
Dental treatment is a lot like a master hair stylist. You can have a $5.00 hair cut from a barber and it be just fine. If it is not, it will grow back. The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is 6 weeks. Hair color on the other hand can be a really bad deal. Of course you can get a box and do it yourself for $5-20. If you have ever tried to get it fixed it can cost much more than that. Most of us did not go to cosmotology school so we read the specific instructions on the box and hope that if we follow the directions to a tee, our hair color will turn out just like the model on the box. One question, do you think the model on the box actually used that product herself? It’s possible but not very likely. Hair color will usually fade. Some times hair can get fried because of too many chemicals.

Teeth are sort of like hair but really not. Maintenance with hair and teeth can vary. They both need brushing and professional maintenance otherwise things will get unruly.
Dentists, like hairstylists go to school and have to pass a licensing board on live people in order to receive a license. They also have to maintain a certain level of continuing education credits in order to keep their license up to date.

Earlier in their careers, the budding artist will charge less for services. After a lot of continual study and experience, skill level will vary. It takes a long time in order for dentists and stylists to get their skill levels to the point where they can do the work efficiently and effectively. In dental school, it takes 3 hours to fill a tooth and often the anesthetic doesn’t last for that time.

Often, skimping on proper dental care will cause more problems in the long run. You should invest in a lifetime plan to help keep your teeth as long as you plan on keeping them. Make sure all areas of your mouth are cleansable and able for you to maintain.

We clean teeth a few times a year not to just polish the stains off of your teeth but to disrupt the bacteria that live in areas that you cannot reach on your own.

All in all, find someone who you can trust that will help you make healthy decisions for you and your family. Cheaper is not always better when quality and longevity are concerned. You only have one set of adult teeth – make them count.