52% of People Don’t Like their smile, are you one?

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If I could change you smile by waving a magic wand, what would you change about it? Whiter, straighter, more teeth? What could you want now that you don’t already have?

Self esteem issues occur because people don’t like their teeth. People don’t smile or laugh around people because they are self conscious. People around them may find them offstandish, snobbish or sometimes plain unfriendly when they are really just insecure of people’s judgments.

What would it be? How would this change your life? Would you get that new job? Would you have the confidence to date your dream person? Would you smile in the pictures? Would you laugh without quickly covering your mouth?

Have you been hiding? A lot of people don’t know what to do, where to turn or who to trust. It is a very personal thing. How do you know who is good? What options are the best? How much time will it take? Will it be expensive? Will it hurt?

Gracious, the questions can be endless and mind numbing. First of all, with all of the information on the internet, so much of this research is available right on your phone.

You have to find someone who you can trust. You have to find someone who is willing to involve you in the process. You have to go to someone (and this seems rudimentary) with a CAMERA. Can they show you photos of their work? Not of some models work but of what they can do – now.

Dentists hopefully progress as they get older. They should strive to get better as they get older. Having twenty years of experience includes thousands of hours chair side and thousands of hours looking at photographs and thousands of hours sitting in continuing education classes of how to get better.

The great news is there is not just one perfect plan. There are different options that may fit into your time and budget for now as well as something more substantial as you get older. Everything wears out and will need to be updated. Can you be conservative. What will be there in 20 years.

Dentistry is not a commodity. You are paying for someone’s time skill and judgment. You are also paying for the years of experience of knowing how and what to do in you situation.

There is a story of Picasso and the lady who asked him to sketch a quick sketch of her. In ten minutes, he was done. When he asked his fee, she balked at the price. She said it only took you a minute. He said, “No, it has taken me my whole life.” She was paying for his creativity and his experience.

You can always get something done cheaper somewhere. Is it going to be more expensive if you have to do it over?