Oral Health Care Services: Philips Zoom! Whitening

Are you looking for a highly effective and safe treatment for improving the color of your smile? Do you need a quick and easy treatment for removing deep stains and discolorations from your teeth, and whitening your teeth? If so, consider the benefits of a Philips Zoom! tooth whitening system.... Read more »

Straightening Your Teeth With Invisalign® Benefits Your Smile in Multiple Ways

When it comes to an aligned smile, traditionally it was recommended to engage with orthodontics between 11-15 years of age. Of course, it isn't always possible to have orthodontic treatment during those times, and so it is understandable that more and more adults are engaging in orthodontic correction.  The reasons... Read more »

How many teeth do you want to save?

Sometimes patients avoid the dentist out of fear or shame. They have let themselves go to a point where they cannot fathom anyone looking into their mouth and judging the condition of neglect. Finding someone who will not judge but being excited about an opportunity to help another human is... Read more »

Why a “free exam” can cost you

Recently, a patient came to me because he was having trouble eating. He had this sore on his lip that was not going away. He had seen his primary care doctor who had placed him on antibiotics stating that he had sepsis in his lip from a hospital stay. They... Read more »

Back Up Teeth? Why you need a spare set

Have you ever lost your glasses or had to have a new prescription in them? Have you ever dropped your cel phone beyond talking on it? What do you do? With your glasses, hopefully you can go back to a former pair of prescription glasses until you had the new... Read more »

Help – I heard being pregnant makes you lose teeth

Why do pregnant women get decay? Several women have come into my office stating the baby eats the calcium out of your teeth. They state they had perfect teeth until they got pregnant and then they lost one tooth per pregnancy. Is this true? Do people believe this? How can... Read more »

Hookah use linked to serious oral conditions

Researchers Link Hookah Use To Serious Oral Conditions. PRNewswire (10/29) carries a press release on a new study which “found that waterpipe smoking is associated with serious health problems affecting the head and neck region,” according to study author Teja Munshi, BDS, MPH of Rutgers University. Researchers found hookah or... Read more »

Radiation free way to check for cavities!

Recently, I have incorporated the Carivu dental imaging transilluminaton into my practice. The first time I realized that dental x-rays were not quite diagnostic enough was my first month in practice twenty years ago. A lady had come to me with a compact mirror and told me she had a... Read more »

Botox delivered by a Dentist?

What is Botox and what does it do? Botox is a purified protein which relaxes muscle contractions in the area which it is placed. Botox has been used in the past for spasms around the eyes. The side effect of reducing wrinkles has released its benefits to the anti-aging population.... Read more »

Is your life better without eyeglasses or dentures?

Recently, I had an eye exam. Over 40 means your prescription changes from just distance to distance and up close. Squinting and straining, asking people how much water do I need to add to the cous cous box is something that had been more difficult. Of course, wearing my glasses... Read more »