A Tooth Suffering from Dental Attrition Could Be at Increased Risk of Additional Complications

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Healthy and properly aligned teeth are designed to have the durability to withstand a lifetime of biting, chewing, and grinding food. Yet as you age minute changes can start to develop in the natural structure of your mouth. In time it could potentially affect the alignment or orientation of your teeth.

If the biting surface of one tooth starts to impact the surface of another tooth, it could start to gradually wear away some of the healthy tooth enamel. If it’s not detected in a reasonable amount of time this condition, which is sometimes known as dental attrition, can leave the tooth vulnerable to several complications.

Without professional attention the compromised tooth could be at increased risk of suffering a significant dental fracture. Even if the tooth’s structural integrity remains intact the damaged area of tooth enamel might also collect bacterial deposits causing a large cavity.

If you notice an abnormal change in the texture of a tooth or gradually increasing sensitivity, you should have it examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Linda King.

Treating the tooth might call for installing a dental filling, dental crown, or performing a dental contouring treatment. This will help to restore the basic health and function of the tooth while limiting further complications.

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