Back Up Teeth? Why you need a spare set

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Have you ever lost your glasses or had to have a new prescription in them? Have you ever dropped your cel phone beyond talking on it?

What do you do? With your glasses, hopefully you can go back to a former pair of prescription glasses until you had the new ones made or refurbished. With your cel phone, you can transfer your number to an older phone until you get another updated one.

What do you do when you lose or break your denture or partial denture?

Many people have older sets of dentures. Sometimes a repair or reline can happen within an hour. I recently had a patient who accidentally flushed them. She has to wait for my lab to create a new pair. This will take a few weeks.

It is always good to have a back up set of dentures in case of a crisis, no one wants to be without teeth. It is a good idea to have your dentures relined or remade every few years as your gums and bones remodel. Dentures may also change the way they fit if you lose a substantial amount of weight or are on a new medication.

Yearly dental visits are important whether your have teeth or not in order to check for growths or cancers and fitting of the teeth.