Candy Buy Back at our office

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Traditionally dentists are seen as not to handing out candy for a number of reasons. One is that it promotes tooth decay. Another reason is for all of the health benefits that candy is lacking. Apples are seen to be unsafe and lame. I grew up in the 70s and there were rumors of razor blades in apples so it was totally out of the question to even accept one.

We now are celebrating Halloween in our office by giving people an opportunity to contribute the excess. Everyone has candy left over from Halloween whether it is the pile of items you don’t like or you have too much left over because you anticipated too many trick or treaters. Sometimes this candy sits around for months because you hide it from the kids or it just gets throw away.

Some children who have diabetes do not enjoy Halloween because they collect candy that they are not able to eat so it is not as thrilling as getting something that they can partake.

Many fun parts about Halloween are how much candy you can collect and how exciting it is to dress up as someone you wouldn’t ordinarily be.

We are adding one more fun element to Halloween. After the conquest of collections, we are offering an opportunity to bring your leftover candy to our office and we will buy it back from you! It wasn’t something you wanted to eat and there was probably too much of it anyway so why not give it to a good cause?

What cause could that be? Our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan will be receiving the candy in the form of a care package through an Organization called Operation Gratitude. We will be buying the candy and sending it to them for them to enjoy and maybe share with the children overseas. Don’t worry, we are not being neglectful of their teeth, we are sending them toothpaste and toothbrushes as well.

One of the exciting developments is that one school has divided down into teams for a candy drive and whoever wins will get a pizza party as well as a movie day. These kids are so excited about it.

This is the third year in a row we are offering to do this event. It gets larger and more fun as the years go on. We have partnered with many local business to provide prizes and entertainment for those who participate.

Some of them are Atlanta Business Bank, Butterfly Barn consignment shop(, Chili’s (kids meals), Moye’s and Eagle’s Landing Pharmacies and Jason Lee Music. Henry County Fire department will also be there because kids love firetrucks and ambulances.

Jason Lee is a musician who has a world famous frisbee champion named Nitro. He will be performing after 4pm to put on a show similar to the one he performed on the Jay Leno show! Who knew there was such talent …in the Grove. We are having an inflatable slide and face painting (courtesy of our own very talented Nikki).