Lies and Lindsay Lohan’s teeth

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Lindsay, before your craziness started, this is your headshot. You are very cute and your eyes are extremely dynamic. Your teeth are kind of small, short they are spaced and not aligned. A lot of people would love this smile. It is healthy and natural. A cosmetic dentist could pick it apart but all in all – not bad at all.

This is your post op supposedly after whitening – just zoom whitening. Sorry I have never seen zoom get teeth this white, longer, straighter, do gum surgery like this. Your smile is beautiful but very very enhanced by ceramic veneers.

Patients seeking whitening seeing your pre and post op shots of your teeth are going to be very disappointed.

When people want whitening in my office – we have a talk about what their expectations are regarding how white they would like to get. Zoom cannot get you these results. There is no calcium in this product to grow your teeth longer, close in the spaces or fill out the corridor of your mouth.

You’ve had veneers, fess up to the publicity stunt. Nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about except for lying about how you got it. Veneers are awesome – they can change teeth in dramatic ways – get them whiter (yes – as white as yours), change the shapes, fill out your smile and correct the misalignments.

Sometimes nail polish won’t give you the absolutely beautiful nails that you love – same as tooth whitening.

Consider this when you go to your dentist. Zoom is great and it has its limitations.

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