The Process of Placing Dental Crowns

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When a damaged tooth can no longer sustain viability, the dentist may suggest a dental crown. A crown can restore a tooth’s function – especially useful for molars and incisors, the teeth you typically use for cutting and chewing tough food. Dr. Linda King can examine your tooth and determine whether a crown is right for you.

If you decide on Sweet Spot Smiles as your dental practice, we will ensure you have all the necessary information about dental crowns, including what to expect. Below, you will learn the process of placing dental crowns in Locust Grove, Georgia. It typically takes a few visits to our office to complete the process.

The first thing the dentist will do is prepare your tooth by building it up since the dentin has most-likely worn down from decay or damage. A post is put in to keep the tooth stable enough to accept the crown. Then, the tooth is shaped, to allow the perfect fit for the crown. After, the dentist or a dental assistant will take impressions of your tooth, and get it sent to the lab unless the dental practice offers same-day crowns; in this case, the crown process should only take one visit.

You will then be fitted for a temporary crown. A few weeks after, you will come back and have the permanent crown cemented on, which can then last years if taken care of appropriately. Sometimes, crowns can break or crack and need to be replaced. In that case, contact us for a consultation and examination with Dr. Linda King at 770-285-2864.