A Bad Filling Can Sometimes Cause a Toothache

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A standard dental filling can often be used to address a tooth suffering from a minor physical defect in its enamel layer. They are often used to treat small cavities, chips or minor issues with tooth enamel attrition. With consistent oral hygiene habits you can expect a dental filling to last for many years.

However, inconsistencies in your daily routine or missing one of your regularly scheduled dental checkups could lead to problems between a dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel. As time goes on, the natural bacteria in your mouth can start to infiltrate the area causing a new area of tooth decay to develop deep within the tooth.

As the problem continues to develop it can cause gradually worsening sensitivity, increased discomfort when chewing or a gradually worsening toothache. Without timely professional attention from a dentist like Dr. Linda King, the tooth decay could penetrate root of the tooth or lead to a dental abscess in the underlying gums.

If a new area of tooth decay has affected the sensitive core structure of the tooth she might need to perform a root canal. Also known as endodontic therapy, this treatment plan is designed to excise any decayed structures while also preparing an abutment capable of supporting a dental crown restoration.

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